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London Stock Exchange Struck By Malware Ads

People visiting the London Stock Exchange website over the weekend were greeted with a malicious ad that caused fake virus notifications to pop-up on their PCs.

According to an LSE spokesperson, the pop-ups were caused by a malicious ad that had found its way into the Unanimis ad network which is used by the LSE website. The advert was linked to a malicious website that was hosting the said malware.

The LSE could not confirm how many users had visited the malicious website but confirmed that its own website had not been compromised and the rogue advertisement has been removed.

Despite the malware ad being removed from the webpage on Sunday, users visiting the website early on Monday received browser warnings about the being an attack page. The browser warnings, which were seen in Safari, Chrome and Firefox, were removed later, Computer World revealed.

The Unanimis ad network, which is owned by the Orange France Telecom Group, said in a statement to Paul Mutton, a researcher with Web analytics firm Netcraft, “Other than the banner advertisements in question, the malware does not impact or affect any other parts of a website. The affected advertisements have been removed and all sites continue to operate normally.”