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Morgan Stanley Also Hacked By Chinese Group

Investment bank Morgan Stanley's network was targeted by Chinese hackers who had targeted search engine giant Google under the Operation Aurora attacks.

According to several leaked emails belonging to cyber security firm HB Gary, the bank had experienced a 'sensitive break-in' to its networks just weeks after Google was targeted. The emails were leaked by hacktivist group Anonymous who gained access to the security firm's site.

The company had chosen not to report the incident unlike Google which had openly announced the attacks and even threatened to leave China over them.

Phil Wallisch, a senior security engineer at HB Gary wrote in an email “They [Morgan Stanley] were hit hard by the real Aurora attacks (not the crap in the news). They have given me access to a very sensitive report on their Aurora experience.”

The email didn't reveal exactly how the attack took place and what information was stolen from Morgan Stanley's network.

“At the time of the incident over a year ago, Morgan Stanley notified the handful of retail clients who may have been potentially affected by the security breach, as well as its regulators and law enforcement agencies,” the company said in a statement to V3.

Security software vendor McAfee, which had carried out a detailed study into the attacks, had reported at the time that Chinese hackers had targeted around 20 to 30 US companies under Operation Aurora.