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Motorola delivers hands free texting

Mobile phone maker Motorola Mobility has brought a world’s first to market, in the ability to write text messages without physically touching a mobile phone – with two new hands-free devices to use with Moto handsets.

Motorola’s HZ800 Bluetooth headset and the TZ700 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone works with the MotoSpeak2.0 application, which has text-to-speech along with speech-to-text technology – allowing for text messages to be read aloud and also the responses dictated.

MotoSpeak2.0 can also announce a caller’s name, from either the incoming call or even text messages whilst supporting five different languages in UK English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

The Motorola HZ800 Bluetooth headset can be used in extreme weather conditions, where there’s three microphones that are designed for use in noisy and windy environments with a stealth mode that converts vocal vibrations to speech in up to 40mph winds.

Motorola’s TZ700 Bluetooth in-car speakerphone blocks-out background car noises, with dual-mic noise cancellation technology. The TZ700 automatically turns-on when the user enters the vehicle and powers down when they leave, with the capability to answer and ignore calls with a single word.

The MotoSpeak2.0 application is now available on Android Market, which runs on Android ‘Froy’ 2.2 and is geared up to be used in conjunction with the HZ800 or TZ700 devices.

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