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NetSuite And Informatica Combine To Offer Two-Tier ERP Solution

NetSuite has partnered with data integration firm Informatica to allow large organisations to deploy two-tier enterprise resource planning on the cloud.

According to the companies, the two-tier cloud based ERP system will allow large organisations to reduce IT costs by extending their on-premise ERP systems to their subsidiaries and branch offices on the cloud.

The software solution put together by the companies combines NetSuite's ERP offerings with Informatic's data integration tools.

The new solution is based on Informatica's cloud data integration system with NetSuite's OneWorld ERP platform and will run on departmental or divisional level, while SAP or Oracle systems will serve as a hub at the enterprise level.

NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson said in a statement, “With NetSuite and Informatica, organizations can standardize on the cloud and retain the power and value of their existing systems, at a fraction of the implementation time of a wholesale IT overhaul, and with a much higher degree of success.”

The software, which connects on-premise systems with NetSuite's OneWorld, can be purchased from Informatica and its partners on a license or subscription based agreement.

The connector will allow CIOs to combine their current ERP investment data with OneWorld's financial and operational data which then can be integrated with the cloud using Informatica technology.