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New IBM Software Speeds Up Deployment Of Virtual Machines

IBM has introduced a series of new software products aimed at allowing organisations to speed up the deployment and help with the management of virtualisation.

The Big Blue unveiled the four new cloud deployment products at its Pulse 2011 service management event in Las Vegas.

Among the new offerings is a beta software tool that is capable of allowing companies to deploy virtual machines in significantly less time. The company claims that the program can deploy a single virtual machine in seconds, a dozen VMs in a few minutes and hundreds of thousands of VMs in a couple of hours.

Dennis Quan, director at IBM's Tivoli China Development Labs, said in a statement, “Even when you up the number of VMs you're provisioning, you still get the time benefits. It will change the mindset of users. They'll be more willing to relinquish the resources when they're not using them as they know they can get them again quickly.”

The company also revealed the new Tivoli Provisioning Manager 7.2 which is designed to allow large organisations to effectively manage data centre resources.

Further software solutions on offer from IBM include management software for hybrid clouds and the Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments, which provides more data protection tools and added security for virtual machines.