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PS3 Shipments To EU Stopped Following Patent Ruling

European custom officials have seized thousands of PlayStation 3 consoles after LG won a preliminary injunction against Sony in a patent infringement lawsuit.

The civil court of justice in the Hague ordered British and other European custom officials to stop PS3 shipments from entering European countries for the next 10 days.

The preliminary injunction against Sony is a part of a long running patent infringement lawsuit filed by LG, in which the Korean electronics giant has alleged that Sony used its patented Blu-Ray players in its PS3 consoles.

Retailers across Europe have enough PS3 stocked for at least three weeks but if LG manages to extend the injunction then Europe could be hit with a massive PS3 shortage. If LG manages to prove that Sony has indeed infringed its patents, then Sony would have to pay LG for every PS3 console it has ever sold, amounting to hundreds of millions of pounds.

LG is also planning on getting the PS3 console banned from the US by filing a complaint with the US International Trade Commission.

According to BBC News, like Sony, LG also has a lot to lose if the case somehow went against it.

Michael Coyle, of law firm Lawdit said to BBC News, “It will have to pay an astonishing amount of money if a judge rules that its patent is invalid. When a firm seeks to have goods seized they make an undertaking to pay for storage and compensation. Patents are very subjective so a patent claim is very risky.”