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Pseudo Apple iPad 2 Pictures Emerge Again

With only a few minutes to go, we bring you more pictures of what many claim to be a true representation of the iPad 2 have emerged with a definitive trend towards a different iPad 2 design altogether.

First, UK-based technology website Hexus published pictures of a mockup of iPad 2 which belongs to a "premium Apple accessory manufacturer claiming to know the final specification of the upcoming device".

The pictures, which can be found here, have apparently been taken behind closed doors and largely matches previous reports (which, in many cases have originated from mockups and pictures themselves).

The non working enclosure has a tapered edge with a flat back, a cutout for what looks to be a speaker grill, room for either a SD card or SIM card slot, an empty space for a Thunderbolt port, a front facing camera and a rear camera.

A Chinese website also published what it says are pictures of the iPad 2 with all the expected features that were highlighted by Hexus.

But Wired did an excellent detailed analysis of the pictures and found a number of flaws that suggest that the gadget might actually be one of the many iPad 2 clones that are expected to flood the market over the next few weeks.

The screen for example, isn't straight in the shell and is missing the word "iPad" at the top left. The speaker grill is also considered to be suspicious while the headphone jack is considered as being "crazy".

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