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SAP Introduces Sales OnDemand At CeBIT 2011

SAP has unveiled a new tool for sales professionals called Sales OnDemand that is being hailed by the company as the 'Facebook for enterprise'.

The new product, which was demoed at the CeBit 2011 conference in Germany, is based along the lines of Salesforce's Chatter application and is aimed at bringing a more 'people centric' approach to its enterprise resource planning tools.

The application, which will be rolled out in the second quarter, is created with the platform of SAP's Business ByDesign ERP on-demand suite. According to the company, Sales On-Demand will be joined by similar expense management and human resources solutions that will be developed by Business ByDesign.

The company plans on releasing the tool for Apple's iPhone and iPad devices along with Research in Motion's Blackberry and Google Android based smartphones. SAP said that the on-premise offering will allow sales professionals to access company data and collaborate and communicate with their fellow sales workers from the platform.

The company is comparing Sales-On Demand's interface and functionality with social networking platform Facebook but experts can't help but notice its similarities to Salesforce's Chatter CRM platform.

Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation Research, told PC World, “This is a sales tool for sales people. Part of the problems most people face in terms of [CRM applications] is they've been designed for managers, [who] want things tracked and reported. This does that in a much more natural way." He added, "It's a very sexy product.”