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Steve Jobs Knighthood Snubbed By Former PM Brown

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown apparently blocked Apple CEO Steve Jobs from being knighted in 2009 after Jobs refused to attended a conference organised by the Labour government.

A former Labour MP told The Daily Telegraph that he had recommended Jobs for a knighthood in 2009 for his contribution to technology by giving the world the iPhone and the iPod.

In its final stages, the recommendation reached Downing Street for approval, where it was snubbed. Brown decided not to present Jobs with knighthood, which was awarded to former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates four years ago, after the Apple CEO refused to attended a major conference organised by the Labour government.

At that time, Brown's Labour government was not so popular among Britons and an appearance from Jobs would have changed their outlook, so it follows. Brown was forced to step down from office after the General Elections last May which saw the formation of a coalition government between Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who will celebrate his 56th birthday on March 3rd, has stopped taking part in Apple's day-to-day operations after having a third medical since he was diagnosed with a rare type of pancreatic cancer.