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AMD disses Sandy Bridge, pumps up the Fusion

Intel's Sandy Bridge a well-fancied chip - by folk that fancy such things. Shame it's already cost its maker Intel a packet because it messed up the chipset.

Now underdog AMD has taken a bite out of the processor too, posting up a video on YouTube - where else? - in which its disses old Sandy Nuts for not having the graphics oomph it can lay on with its Llano 'Fusion' chip, that integrates DX11 graphics capability onto the CPU die.

Naturally AMD set up the demo, so it's bound to show its own chip in a favourable light, but it does reveal the Intel chip's power draw hopping about all over the place, while its graphics rendering is stuttery and jittery compared to the more graphics-friendly AMD offering.

And since delivering graphics is a big part of what a PC is about these days, it may have a point.

Intel probably won't think so. We await its rebuttal.