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Apple iOS 4.3 Is Available From March 11th

Apple has announced that the iOS 4.3, which comes with significant enhancements and tweaks, will be available on iOS devices from March 11th.

The new incarnation of the OS was announced alongside the unveiling of the iPad2. Ailing Apple CEO Steve Jobs surprised everyone by giving a keynote while demoing the product.

The iOS 4.3 will come with a number of new features like the Personal Hotspot for the Verizon iPhone 4, that allows users to turn their devices into a mobile hotspot, new camera effects like X-ray, turbine and tunnel of light and multi-touch gestures for the iPad.

According to Tech Tree, the OS will also sport a new FaceTime icon, an enhanced virtual keyboard and tethering data usage details.

Apple has additionally brought in a newer and faster Safari web browser that is based on the Nitro JavaScript engine. The browser in iOS 4.3 is twice as fast as the one in iOS 4.2. The company has also upgraded the AirPlay technology to allow third party apps and selected websites to make use of the multimedia streaming feature.

A new iTunes Home Sharing option that will allow users to access their iTunes music library from iPods, iPhones and iPads, is yet another feature included in the latest instalment.