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Apple iPad 2 keynote video available now

As if our live blog of last night's Apple announcement of the iPad 2 wasn't enough, Apple has published a video of the full keynote presentation.

I'd recommend that you flash through the first 20 seconds of the video as it's full of complete and utter tools whooping in adoration at the unexpected appearance of Apple's poorly front-man Steve Jobs.

We don't care how much of an Apple fan you are. That kind of behaviour is unnaceptable and you should be made aware that you're pathetic hollering makes all of us feel just a little bit nauseous.

We're not quite sure why Apple decided not to do a live stream of the event as they have with most recent announcements, but it's out now and worth a watch if only to count how many times Apple employees say 'awesome'.

If you don't have access to an Intel Mac or an iOS4 device, we've embedded the YouTube version below, but the quality is a bit iffy.