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Apple To Use Different CPUs For The iPhone 5 & The iPad 2?

One of the slides displayed by Steve Jobs at the iPad 2 launch event yesterday contained a very intriguing word that leads us to believe that Apple may well be planning more than one processor.

At 10:19 PST, Jobs presented a slide that shows the A5, mentioning "Dual-core processors". Now by definition, a processor can contain more than one core and unless the presentation contained a typo (very untypical from Apple), it could be an indication that Apple wants to have at least two A5 processors.

Just as a reminder, last year, Steve Jobs referred to the iPad processor as a 1GHz Apple A4 chip in the presentation that was held on the 27th of January 2010.

Our hunch is that Apple will indeed have more than one processor, a lower clocked version for the iPad 2 and a higher clocked version for the iPhone 5.

As we mentioned in our iPad 2 processor analysis on Sunday, the A5 that powers the iPad 2 is almost certainly based on the Cortex A9.

ARM published two versions of the hard macros; a power optimised one and a performance optimised one.

The first one corresponds exactly to the A5 in the iPad 2; the dual core A9 is exactly twice as fast as a single core A8 (4000 DMIPS vs 2000 DMIPS).

The second configuration is a 2GHz model which has a 4x increase in power consumption (1.9w vs 0.5w) for 2.5x increase in performance and speed.

Apple may chose to use the same chip in the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2 but have a more powerful system on chip on the Apple TV.