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BBC Global iPlayer App Will Cost Under $10 Per Month

The international version of BBC's iPlayer app for the iPad will cost users less than $10 or £6.13 per month, a BBC executive has said.

Speaking during the Financial Times Digital Media and Broadcasting Conference in London, BBC director general Mark Thompson said that the iPad app, which will launched this year, will have a monthly fee lower than $10.

According to The Telegraph, the full year's subscription fee comes out to be £73, far less than the current annual license fee of £145.50.

It is still not clear what content the BBC will be offering on the iPlayer iPad app, but it is expected that international subscribers will be able to access full seasons of past and present BBC programmes.

A BBC spokesperson has said that the content available to international iPlayer subscribers will be different from what Britons, who are forced to pay an annual license fee, receive.

“The global iPlayer will not be the BBC's entire UK services for a year wrapped up in an app. It will be a combination of current and past shows, editorially tailored for a different international audience. This access to new, live content via TV, radio and online is clearly very different from the great British programmes that will be available on the global iPlayer,” the spokesperson said.