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Google Apps Offers Extra Cloud Storage Option

Search engine giant Google has developed a new storage service which allows Google Apps users to rent disk space on the cloud.

In a blog post, the company gave information about the User Managed Storage service, which will be rolled out in the next couple of days, that lets Google Apps account holders rent disk space if their allotted space runs out.

Google will additionally let users purchase extra disk space for Google Docs, Picasa web albums and photos from Blogger. The company also added that the extra storage couldn't be pooled or transferred to another Google Apps or the Gmail account.

The User Managed Storage allows users to hire storage space ranging from 20GB to 16 TB at a price range from $5 to $4,096 per year.

“Users that upload lots of files to Google Docs, sync their Office documents to the cloud using Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office, or store and share pictures using Picasa or Blogger can now expand the storage space available for these files,” Gaurav Jain, a Google Apps product manager wrote on the blog.

In light of the recent problems which saw data stored in 150,000 Gmail accounts erased, customers will be particulary concerned that the cloud services offered are secure and stable.