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Microsoft Resumes Windows Phone 7 Updates For Samsung Devices

Software giant Microsoft has resumed sending Windows Phone 7 updates to Samsung handsets after initial problems.

Several Samsung handsets running Windows Phone 7 OS were either bricked or were unable to install the update when the company released a minor update for the platform. Microsoft had said that only 10 percent Windows Phone 7 Samsung handsets experienced problems.

Ironically, the minor update was made to enhance the device's software updating mechanism but proved catastrophic for some Samsung handsets. Microsoft was forced to suspend the update but has now resumed it after fixing errors.

Microsoft's Michael Stroh wrote on the Windows Team Blog (opens in new tab) that the company planned to resume updating Samsung phones while continuing to update Windows Phone 7 handsets from other manufacturers.

“During the past week the engineering team has pinpointed and fixed problems that were preventing a small percentage of Windows Phones from installing the February software patch. We apologize again for the delay and continue looking for ways to improve the update process,” he wrote on the blog.

The problematic update didn't bare well on Samsung and Microsoft, who are trying to build a robust market around their fledgling smartphone OS. Microsoft has mountains to climb before it finds itself in the same league as Apple, Google and RIM in the smartphone market. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.