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One In Five Uses Internet While Driving

A motoring survey in the US conducted by insurance firm State Farm revealed that 19 per cent of drivers surfed the web while being behind the wheel.

The survey questioned 912 drivers who had a valid license, drove for at least one hour per week and owned a smartphone.

State Farm revealed that 19 per cent or one in every five drivers confessed to browsing the web whilst driving. Although most of the 19 per cent added that they accessed the web only when they stopped at a stop sign or in heavy traffic.

Of the people who accessed the web while driving, most said that they did so during daylight hours, often when they went on long drives on the interstate.

The most popular web activity behind the wheel was to find and read driving directions, followed by reading email, looking up specific information, visiting social networking platforms like Facebook and sending email messages.

“We are very interested in learning more about the growing trend of using the Web while driving. We are working to prevent crashes and save lives, and this research takes us one step closer to understanding the driver distractions that affect everyone on our roadways,” Cindy Garretson, Director of Auto Technology Research at State Farm said in a statement.