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Our Apple iPad 2 Predictions : Almost 100 Percent Right!

Over the last seven days, we lined up seven predictions for the Apple iPad 2 and it turned out that we got it right for all seven of them (almost).

The processor guess was easy; the iPad 2 will use a dual core processor and although it didn't say much about the clock speed or the architecture, we can guess that it is slower than the first A4 and based on an ARM Cortex A9 core. We got it right.

We got the GPU right as well based on Apple's own calculations; that the new GPU solution is nine times faster than the SGX535. Our calculations got us very near (eight-fold increase) and suggest that Apple will use a dual core SGX543 GPU solution clocked at 400MHz. Check our article here.

As for the rest, the iPad 2 doesn't have a different shape and basically sticks to the same template except that it is thinner with some other minor changes. It has no card reader, no retina display, no iOS 5.0 and definitely no Thunderbolt ports.

Other rumours that didn't turn up to be right include the use of super PLS screen, RFID or NFC capabilities, a carbon fibre chassis, an announcement date towards March, mini display port, that vibrating motor, no home button and Apple doesn't seem to have encountered any issues with regards to production.