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Sony NGP won't match PS3 speed

Sony's forthcoming NGP console could technically match the speed of the PS3, but won't, according to platform research manager David Coombes.

When the Japanese gaming and tech giant announced that the Next Generation Portable would come with and ARM-designed quad-core CPU and a similarly-specced GPU, the Blogeratti went wild, speculating that the heir to the PSP would be able to obtain clock speeds comparable to that of its grown-up sibling.

Coombes has now poured cold water on that particular rumour in a technical presentation given at the Game Developer Conference which is taking place in San Francisco right now.

"Some people in the press have said, 'wow, this thing could be as powerful as PS3'. Well, it's not going to run at 2GHz because the battery would last five minutes," he said. "And it would probably set fire to your pants."

Coombes also let loose some more technical details on the platform saying that games sold in a solid state format would come in 2GB and 4GB sizes which is pretty damned impressive when you realise that most mobile games weigh in at around 10MB.

The portable console will come in two versions, one with Wi-Fi only and another adding 3G functionality.

He also said that the device's two touch sensors, one on the rear and the other built into the display, would gauge how hard you were pressing by measuring how much your finger spreads when you mash it into them, which is pretty clever in our book.

Coombe also suggested that the gaming device was approaching the iPhone 4's Retina Display remarking that "you really can't see the pixels" on the 960x544 screen.

Sony's NGP is due to go on sale towards the end of 2011 but it's anyone's guess how much it will cost.