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Virgin Media Music Service May Not Be Unlimited Download Model

Virgin Media has hinted that it might move away from an 'unlimited download' model for its upcoming music service with Universal Music.

During the Financial Times digital media conference, Virgin Media's head of music Richard Wheeler, said that talks with Universal Music and other content providers were moving in a positive direction and an announcement will be made soon.

“We’ve been in discussions for some time now with content providers for a cross-platform music service. Those conversations have taken time but are in a very positive place. I don’t have anything to announce today but hopefully we will at some point in the near future,” Wheeler said.

The company had announced its plans to launch a music download service back in June 2009 but the discussions have long been delayed. Universal Music had agreed to partner with Virgin Media if the ISP helps it to prevent illegal downloads on its broadband network, Financial Times reports (opens in new tab).

Wheeler said that instead of offering an unlimited music download service, it was planning to bundle the music service with its TV, broadband and mobile products.

“I don’t think it necessarily needs to be [unlimited downloads]. Users’ desire to cache tracks and listen to them on the go, that outdates the unlimited download model to a degree,” he suggested.

The Virgin Media executive also hinted at a possible partnership with other music streaming services such as Spotify or We7. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.