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Alcatel ropes in Professor Green to flog a phone

French phone firm Alcatel is teaming up with a bevy of b-list performers, in the hope the move will help it to shift more entry level phones.

Following the firm’s previous collaboration with Eliza Doolittle - a new artist in the long line of less talented Lilly Allen knockoffs - Alcatel has now decided to embark on a project with Hackney’s finest recently stabbed rapper, Professor Green to launch the Alcatel One Touch 802 qwerty.

The phone supports all the essential social media features people have come to expect as standard, like Facebook and Twitter, an MP3 player and a micro SD slot with up to 8GB.

Made in a candybar form factor, the phone has a BlackBerry style layout for the QWERTY keypad – with the landscape 2.4 inch display above the keyboard. Size wise, the phone measures up at 111 x 58 x 13.9 mm and weighs just 103 grams. It also comes in a variety of colours.

At £29.95 on Pay As You Go from Phones 4U, the Alcatel One Touch 802 is not a phone users should expect too much from, but if you buy it, you might just get the chance to see Professor Green live in concert - for lack of a better incentive.