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Android OS Becomes Most Popular Smartphone Platform In US

Google's Android mobile operating system has finally flown past Apple's iOS and the BlackBerry OS to become the most popular smartphone platform in the US.

According to new statistics released by research firm Nielson, Android now dominates with over 29 per cent of the US smartphone market followed by Apple's iOS and Research in Motion's BlackBerry with a 27 per cent market share each.

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform was awarded the fourth spot with a 10 per cent smartphone market share followed by Palm OS at 4 per cent, and Symbian with 2 per cent.

Google may be winning the OS war but Apple and RIM remain the top smartphone manufacturers, the Nielson report found.

The report suggests that Apple and RIM remain the top smartphone manufacturers as they are the ones developing and selling smartphones that run on their own platform.

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC follows Apple and RIM as the third largest smartphone manufacturer with a 12 per cent share in the market for Android devices and 7 per cent share in Windows Phone 7 market. Motorola is the second largest smartphone in the Android market with a market share of 10 per cent followed by Samsung with a 5 per cent share.

Google is also pushing its Android platform in the tablet PC market by releasing Android 3.0 Honeycomb that has been designed specifically for tablets. Motorola's Xoom tablet will be the first to be launched with Android 3.0.