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DDoS attacks hit South Korean government websites

A South Korean anti-virus company is reporting that a distrubted denial-of-service (DDoS) attack hit South Korean government websites about 10 am local time and then again around 10 pm local time. Ahnlab says that over fourty websites were affected, including South Korea's National Intelligence Agency and the Presidential Office among others.

Neither the South Korean government nor Ahnlab have named any suspects, but the Korea Communications Commission also reported that the attacks have also affected United States military websites over its base in Seoul, leaving the exact motive unknown.

"Hacktivist" group Anonymous has not yet made any claim to the attack.

Bloomberg is reporting that the Korea Communications Commission issued its third-highest cyber assults alert and immediately upped the monitoring of major South Korean government websites. Other websites infected include South Korea's foriegn ministry, national assembly, and defence ministry websites.

The South Korean government has been hitt before, previously having been attacked in 2009. Ahnlab said it is issuing free software to get rid of the malicious code.