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VIA doubles up Eden cores for Eden X2

Taiwanese x86 chip maker VIA Technologies has been showing off its new Eden X2 processor at Embedded World 2011 in Nuremberg, Germany.

The firm claims the chip is the industry's lowest power dual-core processor and is hoping to slot the offering into a range of industrial and commercial embedded systems.

Built on a 40nm manufacturing process, the fanless VIA Eden X2 processors combine two 64-bit, superscalar VIA Eden cores on one die,

A highly experienced maker of tiddly chips VIA claims its Eden X2 processors are the "most power-efficient processors on the market". And maybe they are too.

Earlier this week AMD detailed its new 'Bobcat'-based embedded offering at the self-same show. Neither is a slouch. These embedded chips pack quite a punch these days.

VIA's Eden X2 processors bring include VIA VT virtualisation technology for legacy software and applications and its own AES Security Engine for hardware-based data encryption.

The natively 64-bit compatible processors are geared up for 64-bit operating systems such as Windows Embedded Standard 7, as well as Windows CE and Linux operating systems.

In a statement, Daniel Wu, VIA's embedded veep said: "Embedded developers will relish the opportunity to integrate a native 64-bit, dual-core processor in passively cooled, ultra stable systems."

The VIA Eden X2 processors and are pin-to-pin compatible with VIA Eden, VIA C7 and VIA Nano E-Series processors. They are sampling now, with systems and boards promised this quarter.