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Exclusive : AMD Confirms Sempron Death, Replaced By E-Series Zacate

Speaking to at CeBIT, a spokesperson for chipmaker AMD has confirmed that it will replace the lower end "Sempron brand" by a Fusion product without giving more details on a time plan.

Three weeks ago, confidential documents seen by Xbitlabs hinted at AMD's plans to can the Phenom, Athlon and Sempron names and replace them by FX-Series, A-Series and E-Series microprocessors.

He also confirmed that AMD's cheapest range will be made up of E-Series products, the E-240 (single core, 1.5GHz) and the E-350 (Dual Core, 1.6GHz), with more models coming later this year.

We were hard pressed to find any E-240 products at CeBIT 2011 (which could mean that the cheapest AMD CPU may be a dual core model soon).

There were loads of E-350 products; mini-ATX motherboards, ultra thin laptops, tablets but also surprise, surprise full size ATX boards and 15.4-inch laptops even on AMD's official booth.

Our AMD contact told us that the company had given free range to its partners meaning that you could well see some extravagant designs coming soon.

The company also brought a few Llano systems at CeBIT 2011, but unfortunately, we are not allowed to say more except that there will be Llano motherboards displayed at Computex by at least one Tier-one motherboard manufacturers.