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Facebook Hits 30 Million User Mark In UK

Social networking giant Facebook has reached the 30 million user mark in the UK, a company executive has revealed.

Speaking during the Financial Times Digital Media and Broadcasting Conference in London, Joanna Shields, vice president of Facebook Europe said that the platform now had 30 million user accounts in the UK.

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 from his dorm at Harvard University. The website's growth has been meteorical since then, with over half a billion accounts registered today. Facebook only had 150 million users in January 2009.

Back in July 2010, the company had announced that it had reached 500 million users worldwide. Facebook also announced that it had 26 million users in the UK at that time. The platform has managed to attract 4 million more users in just the last eight months. The popularity of the film Social Network may also have drawn in additional people.

Shields was at the conference to speak about the impact Facebook referrals were having on media services like newspapers and magazines. Facebook users share links to media sources with their friends on a regular basis.

The executive said that an average Facebook users had 130 friends with whom they shared links to media websites and services, The Telegraph reports. An average Facebook user generates 90 items of content every single month.

Facebook users, half of which log-in to the website every day, spend a total of 700 billion minutes on the website every month, which is roughly equal to 1.3 million years for a single person.