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Mobile Gaming Is Hot Topic At Game Developers Conference

The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this year saw companies and developers showcasing some of the upcoming products that will soon be unleashed on the market.

With the rise of social and mobile gaming, traditional console developers are eager to find a middle world in which both console and mobile gaming can co-exist without cannibalising each other's market.

As NPR notes, some developers were keen to dismiss mobile gaming as being the next big thing on the market, but the success of Angry Birds is hard to ignore.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, who demoed the upcoming 3DS hand-held gaming console, said during his keynote speech, that game development was 'drowning' due to cheap mobile and social games. He also added, with a touch of irritation, that social game developers had no 'motivation' to make great games and were harming the market.

“We invest a tremendous amount in technology, engineering and in the staff that create these games to maintain that high level of value, so that consumers want this content. It's not disposable, and it's something that consumers can enjoy over long periods of time.” he said.

Nintendo rival Sony seems to have learnt from the emerging gaming trends and plans to release the Sony Ericsson Xepria Play, which is both a smartphone and comes with the power of the PlayStation gaming console.