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Mozilla Delivers First Milestone Release For Web Apps Project

Mozilla has made available the first milestone release of its Web Applications Project to developers.

Unlike Google's Chrome web app store, developers can use Mozilla APIs to create their own applications and stores that are interoperable with both Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

The app created using Mozilla tools and APIs will include open specifications that allow them to work across web browsers. Developers will also be able to offer their apps independently on a website or create their own app store ecosystem.

According to a post made on the Mozilla Labs Blog, Mozilla is offering stable Web Application APIs, developer tools and documentations to help developers begin building apps for the platform.

“Web Apps are applications that run on any device, and can be distributed through any store or directly by the developer. This release contains stable APIs, developer utilities and documentation to help you get a jumpstart on building Web Apps and stores,” the company said.

Mozilla has also published a gallery of sample user interface ideas that could help developers figure out what users might want.

Some of the other Web Applications functionality that Mozilla plans to bring to the platform include a deeply integrated “in browser” experience, syncing capabilities between Web Apps and mobile devices and widgets and notifications.