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Owner Of Illegal TV Streaming Website Arrested In US

US law officials have arrested the owner of a popular website that illegally streamed pay-per-view sporting events and TV shows that are protected under copyright law.

Brian McCarthy was arrested at his Texas home for running the website which allowed users to stream popular TV shows like 'South Park' and 'The Office' along with pay-per-view sporting events like NFL matches and World Wrestling Entertainment, CNN reports.

US prosecutors claim that McCarthy raked in more than $90,000 from advertisements via the website. The arrest was made by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The website has long been shut down by federal authorities. Visitors to the website were greeted with a notification that the website had been closed by Homeland Security.

Commenting on the arrest, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement, “Brian McCarthy allegedly hid behind the anonymity of the internet to make a quick buck through what is little more than high-tech thievery.”

“This arrest sends a clear message that this office, working with its partners at HSI, will vigorously protect valuable intellectual property rights through arrests and domain name seizures,” he added.

US federal authorities have been cracking down on streaming websites for violating copyright laws. Though some of the websites were merely providing links to other websites that actually streamed the content.