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Second WP7 update still breaking Samsung phones

Owners of Samsung smart phones running Windows Phone 7 are still having problems installing the latest release of Microsoft's mobile operating system according to reports from disgruntled users.

Microsoft pulled the first distribution of the update after multiple users reported failed updates and bricked handsets, and released an updated update and an apology a few days later.

Microsoft now looks like it has a third portion of egg on its face as the fixed firmware turns out to be not quite so fixed after all.

Some users are reporting that they are getting error message 800705B4 when the update fails to install and some have found that they are having to resort to deleting e-mail accounts or full factory resets to bring the borked handsets out of failed install loops.

With dozens of cases being reported on Twitter alone, we can only guess how widespread the problem is, but we'd suggest it might be more than the few cases Microsoft is admitting.

The latest from Microsoft is, "For now we suggest holding off on it while we investigate the issue."