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Exclusive : AMD To Sell Zacate Motherboards & CPUs Separately

AMD partners will be given the green light to sell motherboards for the Zacate as well as stand alone processors, a spokesperson for AMD told us earlier today at CeBIT.

This is a logical follow-up to the cancellation of the Sempron brand, which will be replaced by the Zacate E-Series models; it is unlikely that AMD will use the current E-350 and E-240 because they are not as powerful as their direct desktop counterpart.

It means that we should see more higher performance Zacate parts with higher TDP (and power consumption) over the next few months.

A Sempron processor can be had for as little as £24 in the UK and has been reported to be a dual core Athlon II X2 4400e with one core disabled, which means that AMD is not making the most efficient use of its resources because part of the die is not used at all.

Furthermore, Fusion is manufactured using a 32nm geometry while the Sempron family is etched mainly using a 45nm manufacturing process, meaning that Zacate parts should be cheaper to produce.

As for Fusion motherboards, they are likely to carry a lower bill of material if manufacturers decide to focus on the mATX format as their dominant form factor at the low price end.

Intel is currently selling the cheapest Atom bundle (motherboard and chip) for a mere £55, which is around half what the cheapest similar Zacate system will cost.