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Libya kills Internet access - again

Internet traffic in Libya ceased early this morning according to several news outlets and Internet reports. The Libyan government killed Internet access back in Feburary as well, leaving the country without Internet for around seven hours.

Some have suggested that the instance on Feburary 18 was a "dry-run" to test how effective disabling communication via the Internet would be, but International Business Times is reporting that servers are still running, there just are no routes to establish connection.

"It's like a post-apocalyptic scenario where the roads are there, there just isn't any traffic," Renesyes Chief Technology Officer James Cowie remarked. When the Egyptian government blocked Internet traffic, it simply turned off the switch.

Every time I think that someone has a way to shut down the Internet, they come up with a new way," Cowie told IBT.

Google's Transparency Report shows that Internet traffic ceased around 11 AM CST, where traffic has remained below the one percentile range. It has yet to be restored.