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AMD's E-350 gets home theatre ready at CeBIT

One of the most common sights at this year's CeBIT event was AMD's Fusion E-350 'Zacate' processor, a chip that combines Radeon 6000-series graphics with a powerful dual-core processor in a low-power platform.

Designed for use in small form factor and laptop systems, almost every motherboard manufacturer at the show had at least one E-350 design on display - and in some case, multiple different configurations.

The most visually impressive of the lot was from MSI, which swapped the traditional tiny heatsink for a meatier model - offering, the company claims, quieter cooling and more overhead for those who might want to try overclocking their systems.

MSI's E350IA-E45 board features the AMD E-350 dual-core 1.6GHz processor with integrated Radeon HD 6310 graphics alongside two memory slots, a single PCI Express x16 slot - for those who find the integrated graphics too restrictive - four SATA connectors for storage devices.

As with the company's other motherboard products, MSI's E-350 board includes solid capacitors, M-Flash technology for safer BIOS upgrades, integrated support for the quick-boot Winki 3 operating system, and i-Charger technology for rapid USB charging of compatible products. While UK pricing has yet to be set, a spokesperson told us to expect it to hit the market at just north of £100.

Speaking to AMD at the event, we were told that the company's focus for its initial Fusion range of application processing units was to "see netbooks done right," although looking at the products on offer at CeBIT it appears that most of the company's hardware partners are focusing on the home theatre PC market instead.

With the company's high-performance 'Llano' parts expected to replace the 'Zacate' E-350 and C-50 parts some time around the third quarter, it remains to be seen how much of an impact the company's initial APUs make in the market.