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Android Developers In Higher Demand Than iOS Developers

The demand for developers of Android applications has overtaken the demand for iOS developers for the first time, according to a popular online tech job posting platform.

Based on figures from, there were 987 jobs postings for Android application developers as of March 1st, compared to 970 job openings for iOS developers. This is the first time that the demand for Android developers has surpassed that for Apple's iOS developers.

Bloomberg Business Week reports that job openings mentioning both Android and iOS platforms have increased three times over the past year. Back in 2010, the website had listed 273 Android jobs and 312 iOS jobs.

Alice Hill, managing director at Dice, said in a statement “Last year it was safer [for developpers] to go with the iPhone first; if you had to put all your eggs in one basket it was the iPhone and you'd keep an eye on Android.”

The growing popularity of Android based devices and staggering number of tablets and smartphones released for the platform has been critical in generating more jobs for Android developers.

“If you look at market penetration, you really want to go with a clear winner. Now that Android has all these tablets coming out it makes sense that jobs are mirroring the coverage the iPhone got.”