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Angry Birds Reaches 30 Million Android Users

Angry Birds maker Rovio has announced that the Android version of the game has crossed the 30 million downloads mark.

Rovio CEO and Angry Birds creator Peter Vesterbacka told Joystiq that the ad-supported free version of the game on Android had received more than 30 million downloads.

Speaking during the Game Developers Conference, Vesterbacka also said that 80 per cent of the people who downloaded the game kept downloading Angry Birds updates, indicating that the game is able to retain user interest, which is a good sign for the developer.

Rovio is preparing to bring the popular game to other platforms including Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and social networking site Facebook. The developer is also planning a 3D version of the game.

The company has also partnered with Hollywood studio 20th Century Fox to release an Angry Birds game centred around an upcoming animated film called Rio.

Vesterbacka even made a comparison between the rise of Rovio and the success of Disney. “Look at how Disney got started. Steamboat Willie created Mickey Mouse, then they added more characters. You can see the same pattern today, but everything is happening much, much faster. Other brands used to build recognition over the course of decades. We've done it in one year,” he said.