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Apple iPhone 5 To Adopt Aluminium Back

Apple may be willing to drop the current glass back panel from the iPhone 4 in favour of the original aluminium material for its forthcoming iPhone 5 handset.

The move (according to Japanese blog Macotakara) might be motivated by the fact that Apple is currently unhappy with scratching issues, weight problems, the fact that it is apparently an issue to get enough white back panels.

Switching to aluminium means that Apple may incorporate the antenna in the logo as it is the case for the iPad. This may also mean that Apple will abandon the steel outer frame of the iPhone 4 which has been blamed for last year's Antennagate, the phenomenon which caused a wireless signal to be affected when the phone was held in a particular position.

The blog reports that Apple will use a special resin for the Apple logo which will therefore transmit both the Wi-Fi and mobile data via the logo.

In addition, Macotakara, which mentions Taiwan's Economic Daily News, says that the iPhone 5 will sport the same A5 system on chip as the iPad 2.

We don't believe however that Apple will change the design of the iPhone 5 with only three months to go before the launch at WWDC.

Swapping glass for aluminium and removing the steel antenna doesn't come without consequences, the first of which would be a major buzz amongst upstream suppliers.