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French Government Confirms Cyber Attack Targeting G20 Info

France's finance ministry has confirmed that its computers were targeted by a series of cyber attacks beginning in December, aimed at stealing sensitive information about the G20.

The French finance minister Francois Baron said that a full-scale investigation had been launched into the attacks, though they could not confirm the source at present.

In a radio interview he claimed it was the largest attack they had ever suffered, adding, "it was the information about the G20 that interested the hackers."

Boran said that the attackers had broken into mailboxes and servers weeks before being blocked by the ministry. The minister added that no personal tax files were manipulated or stolen.

“We have some leads, but at this stage it's impossible to confirm them. What's important now is to identify the origin of the attack, to find out how it happened and to put in place stronger defenses to dissuade a future attack,” Baron said.

The government's confirmation of the attacks comes after Paris Match magazine published a report which claimed that the attacks were aimed towards stealing files related to the G20 summit which took place at Cannes in February 2010.

The French government said that it would release a further update on the matter in the coming weeks. Unconfirmed rumours have pointed the finger at hackers working out of China.