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Fujitsu Semiconductor licenses ARM designs

Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited has signed a comprehensive licence agreement with ARM for ARM IP products.

The agreement will enable Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe to build platforms featuring the latest ARM technology, including the Cortex-A15 processor, graphics IP and CoreLink systems IP, Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe announced.

The pair have been collaborating for more than a decade and Fujitsu says the new lissensing deal will enable it to build complete, full function SoC platforms featuring ARM technology.

Corporate Senior Vice President Haruyoshi Yagi of Fujitsu Semiconductor. said the deal "will allow our customers to select the ARM technology most suited for their application, and use a platform that combines it with other IP that we have provided. "

He said Fujitsu Semiconductor will saher its product roadmap with ARM, and "closely collaborate in the development of future ARM technologies, from the specification stage onwards. As a strategic partner, we look forward to an even closer relationship with ARM.”

“Fujitsu Semiconductor’s products meet its customers’ needs in a timely manner over a wide range of applications. We are already moving ahead with the provision of IP to ASIC customers and the development of our own ASSPs, which are scheduled to be rolled out in the second half of 2011.

In the same statement, ARM's president Tudor Brown reckoned: "The combination of ARM’s advanced processor and systems technology with Fujitsu’s leadership in advanced SoC development, forms a solid foundation for the development of pioneering semiconductor products.”