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Microsoft Urges Users To Move On from IE 6

In a bid to encourage users to upgrade from the Internet Explorer 6 web browser, Microsoft has launched a new website that keeps track of IE 6 usage across the globe.

The company says that it wants to see the IE6 user base drop to less than 1 per cent. The website comes with a world map that colour codes the world on the basis of IE6 usage. The data has been provided by web metrics firm Net Applications.

Microsoft said in a blog post that IE 6, which is ten years old, still accounts for 12 per cent of the global web browser market.

China has the highest IE6 usage at 34 per cent followed by South Korea at 24.8 per cent and India at 12.3 per cent. IE 6 usage in the UK is at 3.5 per cent while Norway and Finland both have a less than 1 per cent share. The aging web browser has a 2.9 per cent share in US.

“We realize that there might not be a magic number for when web developers and IT pros can drop support for older browsers, but we believe that 1% will allow more sites and IT pros worldwide to make IE6 a low-priority browser – meaning you don’t have to invest as much time in updates or fixes,” Microsoft explained.

"We're encouraging developers around the world to spread the word by placing an upgrade notification to IE6 users on their website," they added.