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Nintendo Wii 2 Console To Launch At E3

Games giant Nintendo could launch the successor to its wildly popular Wii gaming console at the Electronic Entertainment Expo which takes place from the 7th to the 9th of June in Los Angeles.

That will likely coincide with the announcement of the Apple iPhone 5 which we expect to be launched at the WWDC event on the 6th of June. Zelda Informer quotes one of its own sources as saying that the Wii 2 will use the E3 2011 as the "revealing grounds" with the gaming platform going on sale before Christmas 2011 if not earlier.

The fact that the Nintendo 3DS was presented one year before it actually went on sale lends some support to this theory. Furthermore, the Wii and E3 have a long share history; the Wii was announced at E3 in 2004 and unveiled in the 2005 edition before winning a number of awards the following year.

Given that the Nintendo 3DS is now pretty much a done deal, it becomes obvious that the next milestone for Nintendo is its eighth generation lounge-bound platform especially as both Sony and Microsoft have added motion controllers to the PS3 and the Xbox 360 respectively.

We suspect that the Wii 2 may be based, like Sony's Next Generation portable console, on an ARM-based solution rather than a PowerPC based one, a move that will allow it to bring in new technologies like full HD support, Blu-ray, support for camera and some other interesting features.