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Offline radio streaming app comes to Android

Popular music streamer for the UK and Ireland We7 has unveiled a new version of their Google mobile OS app, which can be used without any cost attached.

The new We7 radio application is free to run from an Android mobile phone, where previously a fee was involved in purchasing a 'premium plus' account and in much the same way as Spotify still needs access to a similar account - when used on a handset.

We7's Personal Radio app allows users to create their own radio stations, which can also work without any connection where the music can be played offline with no connection present such as on a plane, tube or just to conserve battery life.

The software caches the songs and audio adverts when online from the likes of WIFI, as the only limit is the storage capacity of the phone with the contents being refreshed whenever the connection is restored.

We7 has access to over 7 million songs with over 3 million UK users. An iPhone, iPad and iTouch version is coming next month, where BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 variants will be launched later this year.

Radio station access hasn't always been ideal for mobile phones, as connections haven't always been that reliable where the streaming can also dramatically impact the accompanying phone's data allowance - where the we7 solution could be a work around for all of that.

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Rob Kerr
Rob Kerr

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