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Online Comprehensive UK Radioplayer Launching 31st March

The upcoming radio catch-up service UK Radioplayer, dubbed the 'iPlayer for radio', will be launching on March 31st.

The service will allow Britons to access past radio shows, broadcasted by 200 BBC and commercial radio channels, as well as enable listening to current content.

"Initially, Radioplayer is designed to be used on computers with Flash installed. Once we’ve launched that first phase, we’ll look at mobile devices like iPhones, tablets, and Android handsets," a statement on the official Radioplayer info site read.

The radio service, which has been two years in the making, will mark the first time that BBC and commercial radio stations have been available to Britons on a single platform. An alpha version of the platform was unveiled during the Radio Festival in Manchester in October last year.

It is expected that the UK Radio Player will also be offered across a wide range of web enabled devices and services including the long-delayed YouView IPTV service backed by the BBC and its partners. The platform will also be integrated with social networking platform Facebook.

Users will be able to search radio content on the basis of music, location and format. The web-based service will also allow people to create playlists.