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Opera Browser Given Adult Rating In Mac App Store

Apple has somewhat surprisingly put an age restriction for downloading the Opera web browser from the Mac App Store, the browser maker has revealed.

In a blog post, Opera Software revealed that users will have to be older than 17 years of age to download the popular web browser from the Mac App Store.

Opera is the first third party web browser to be launched on the new Mac App Store. The company said that users under 17 wishing to download the browser could do so by directly visiting the Opera website.

Jan Standal, the vice president of desktop products at Opera, expressed his surprise over Apple's move and gave a somewhat sarcastic response.

“I’m very concerned. Seventeen is very young, and I am not sure if, at that age, people are ready to use such an application. It’s very fast, you know, and it has a lot of features. I think the download requirement should be at least 18,” he said.

Apple's newly launched Mac App Store hopes to be what the App Store is for iOS devices. The company has been highly selective in approving apps for the platform.

Opera, being the first third party app on the Mac App Store, will be hoping for fast adoption now that Apple has publicised it by giving an age restriction. Apple has remained silent about why it chose to label the Opera web browser as 'Adults only'.