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Three offers 'unlimited' data on pay as you go

Three is looking to shake things up in the mobile industry with the launch of an 'all-you-can-eat' data plan for Pay As You Go customers, starting at as little as £15.

Three is set on wooing customers from its larger rivals by promising them access to unlimited data without having to worry about the cost.

Two new plans which will allow 3 PAYG customers to embrace their data means they can browse the Internet, download all the latest apps and update Twitter and Facebook as much as they like for a single flat fee.

The first, All In One 15 costs as little as £15 for 30 days of unlimited data, 300 any network minutes and 3000 texts. All In One 25 costs £25 and offers 30 days of unlimited data, 500 any-network minutes and 3000 texts.

This apparent encouragement of heavy data consumption stands out against many of Three’s rival operators such as O2 who are cutting back on data allowances and charging customers more for Internet access.

Three insists however that it’s superior 3G network will be able to cope with the extra traffic generated by heavy-data users.

“Three’s network was built for data, and it’s the confidence in the strength of our 3G network that means we can introduce deals like this,” said Three’s Sales and Marketing Director, Marc Allera.

The offer which comes just two months after the launch of a similar unlimited data cap offer for contract customers on The One Plan, is also a reaction to research that suggested people didn’t know how much data they needed to do different things. Instead customers barely used data at all through fear of running out of credit.

To celebrate the launch of this new offer, Three will also be running a competition over the coming month with a range of prizes up for grabs to support its belief that people should be using their smartphones in the way they were designed to be used- with plenty of data.