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'TV Dinner' Has Become 'PC Dinner' Survey Shows

A recent survey has revealed that PCs have replaced televisions as the main source of entertainment while people are having dinner.

According to a survey commissioned by the online video service, more than a fifth of people admitted to regularly having dinner while using their desktop or laptop PC. SeeSaw also discovered that around three quarters of people had at some time sat down in front of a laptop or a desktop and had their dinner.

The survey, which polled around 2,000 Britons, revealed that 15 per cent of the people had watched TV shows on their PC while having dinner.

The rise of online movie and TV streaming services has caused people to swap their traditional TV set for their desktops as their primary source of dinner entertainment. A third of those polled said that they were more likely to have dinner in front of a computer now than a year ago.

SeeSaw said that Come Dine With Me was the most popular dinner time show followed by Eastenders and TopGear.

John Keeling, platform controller for SeeSaw, said in a statement to The Telegraph, “Millions of British people cannot tear themselves away from the internet, even for dinner. The growth of the PC dinner is a remarkable new trend and for many across the nation, has now replaced the traditional TV dinner.”