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UK Xbox gamers spend £64 per month

Microsoft recently sent out a survey to 251 of its Xbox 360 customers, in the age range of 25 and 34 years old. The survey revealed that, on average, gamers spent around sixty-four pounds per month on gaming.

Thirteen per cent of those surveyed, according to MCV, said that they spent more than 100 pounds on Xbox 360 games per month, and usually played around seven different games per monthl.

The majority of those surveyed - 83 per cent - said that they play their Xbox 360 three to four times each week, while the minority of 41 per cent said that they play for around three to four hours a day.

Julie Forey, Microsoft Advertising's data research and analytics head, told MCV that gamers, males in specific, presented a great target for marketers.

"Compared against the average male, gamers represent an attractive proposition for marketers," she said. "Earning a higher wage, being advocates of premium goods and over half playing for more than three hours each day, this provides firms with a profile from which they can base their message."

Microsoft's survey also found that the majority loved to shoot stuff, as they picked shoot'em ups as their favorite genre, followed by racing and role-playing (RPG) games. A third of the Xbox 360 gamers played massively multiplayer online (MMO) games and casual games.

And while the average male checks websites five days a week, the gamers played Xbox Live virtually every day of the week.