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We7 Radio App For Android Allows Offline Listening

Online music streaming service We7 has introduced a new Android radio app that will allow users to create personalised radio stations which also allows them to listen to music when offline.

According to the company, the app is available in two versions, one ad supported free version and another with a £9.99 monthly fee.

The free version We7 app for Android will let users create a maximum of ten different radio stations based on their favorite artists and music genres. The app won't allow users to decide specifically the tracks they get to listen to on the station and will contain ads.

The paid version will of course let users decide the music they stream on the radio stations and will include both PC and mobile subscriptions. Users will also be able to skip an unwanted track.

Steve Purdham of We7 told The Guardian, “The more songs are listened to, the more digital revenues go up. Like regular radio, it has real promotional value for artists plus this is a legal way for people to listen to music that they are probably not going to pay for anyway, but the artist still gets paid.”

The company is also planning to release an iOS app in April followed by Symbian, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry versions.