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£250 Viewsonic 13.3" ViewBook 130

The 1.45kg ViewSonic ViewBook 130 is light and a great companion for mobile access to your applications. It has been intentionally designed to meet the needs of a sturdy, practical and lightweight notebook.

The new ViewSonic multi-finger touchpad turns complex actions into easy one-finger, two-finger or even threefinger functions. Very quickly you can drag, rotate, scroll Web pages, zoom and rotate images, launch applications or enter/exit the presentation mode.

Ultra thin featuring 1366x768 pixel resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio, the 13.3-inch LED backlit screen of the ViewBook 130 achieves the best balance between size and image quality for viewing wide-screen videos and multi-page documents. The LED screen is exceptionally bright with vivid colour and the manufacturing process is mercury-free, making it ecologically friendly. The compact ViewBook 130 weights only 1.45kgs and is 1.8cm at its thinnest; despite the light weight design, the standard-size floating island keyboard offers tactile and comfortable feedback even when used extensively.

The Viewsonic 13.3" ViewBook 130 can be purchased from Ebay via Zavvi Outlet for only £250 including delivery. This is a new item