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Adobe offers HTML conversion tool for Flash

Adobe has released a preview of its Wallaby technology which converts Flash animations into HTML5 files capable of running on devices without Flash Player.

Although Adobe will never publicly admit it, the move is almost certainly an attempt to sidestep the ban on the Flash Player imposed by Apple supremo Steve Jobs for all iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad.

The Wallaby development tool also supports WebKit-based browsers like Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome but is currently an experimental product and doesn't offer the full functionality of Flash Player or the tool used to create content for the Flash platform as yet.

It's currently available as an AIR application for Mac and Windows and converted files can be used either using web site creation tools like Adobe's own Dreamweaver or added to hand-written HTML.

The spat between Apple and Adobe has been long and very public and it looks to us like Adobe has blinked first, offering a sneaky back door to the Cupertino company's increasingly ubiquitous portable devices.

The Wallaby pre-release try-out is available now and the platform's current shortcomings are listed in the release notes.