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AMD Bulldozer FX and Llano A launch dated

Rumour has it that we can expect to see AMD's next-generation FX-series processors, built around the new Bulldozer architecture, before the end of June - to be followed by the Fusion-based Llano family in July.

That's the story according to a leaked AMD document seen by X-Bit Labs (opens in new tab), which claims that the semiconductor giant will be starting shipments of its FX-series processors on the 20th of June. The initial models are expected to comprise four eight-core processors under the FX8000-series moniker, two six-core FX6000-series chips, and two quad-core FX4000-series chips. No dual-core parts will be released, it seems.

The Bulldozer architecture is a major change for the company, offering new technologies including low-power flip-flop circuitry and something the company calls 'chip-multithreading,' enabled via the shared FPU which is capable of operating in dual 64-bit or single 128-bit modes depending on whether programmers wish to recompile their code.

Although firm performance statistics aren't yet available, the company has previously claimed that Bulldozer will offer around a 50 per cent performance boost over its existing Phenom line of processors - and will also be making the move into the server market, replacing the Opteron range in the near future.

For those who don't need quite so much raw power, AMD's Llano family - the successor to the Zacate E-350 Fusion-powered application processing unit that was such a major feature at this year's CeBIT show - will ship on the 4th of July, when eleven different models will launch under the A-series branding.

We've reached out to AMD for confirmation on the rumoured dates - which, it has to be remembered, currently correspond to chips that the company hasn't even formally announced - and will update this story as and when we hear back.

UPDATE: An AMD spokesperson has told us that it can neither confirm nor deny Xbit Labs' report, but has stated: "We are planning to start production and shipments of both Bulldozer desktop and Llano desktop and notebook parts in 1H 2011." monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.